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Inter – House Quiz competition


The quiz competition between yellow and red house took place in the school premises on the 20th October, 2017. The program started with the school’s Anthem.Thereafter, the introduction of participants from Yellow and Red House was made by the anchor of the program Mr Folorunsho Rotimi who introduced Uwakwe Clement, Adetimirin Oluwatomi , Umaru Vanessa and Oladeji Ololade  from Yellow and Red House Respectively. The time keeper for the occasion was Odozie Onyinye.

Inter - House Quiz Competition
Mr Folorunsho Rotimi – Moderator
Panel of Judges
Panel of Judges
Odozie Onyinye - Time Keeper
Odozie Onyinye – Time Keeper

The Quiz started with high expectations with Red House on the lead while Yellow House was trying to catch – up in the first round but buckled – up in the second round. At the end of the second round, the third round followed immediately. Later, a playlet was performed by the School’s Drama Club.

Red House Representatives
Red House Representatives (left – Oladeji Ololade, Right – Umaru Vanessa)
Yellow House Representatives
Yellow House Representatives (left – Uwakwe Clement, Right -Adetimirin Tomi)
Drama Club
Drama Club

Subsequently, the result of the competition was announced.

Red House had a total of 20 Points while Yellow House bagged a total of 22 Points, eventually, the Yellow House was declared the winner of the quiz competition and a trophy was handed over to the House.

Congratulations Yellow House!!!

Congrats Yellow House
Congrats Yellow House

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  1. The inter house competition organized by the school management was a very educative one , and I want to thank and advice the school management to organize more these programmes so as to produce motivated minds.

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